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Hello - we're CKA.  Nice to meet you. For the past 10 years we've been delivering consultancy, service, products (did we mention we have a web shop?) and on-going support to people like you.  People who use Apple products in their businesses and in their homes.

Our principals each have over 20 years experience working with Apple products and technologies, as well as all the creative workflows that go so well with Apple - graphic design, music production, video editing, architecture, web design and more.  And accounting, spreadsheeting, databasing, web serving...

Apple's products pull off a trick that even after all these years hasn't been matched by PCs; they take leading-edge technologies and make them accessible, intuitive and easy to use.  And that's kind of our thing, too.  We're not about blinding you with science - we have the know-how to do the job done, but we try not to make a fuss about it.   (Of course, if you want we can tell you all about gigabytes, bandwidth, woofers and tweeters, miles to the gallon...  but most of our customers would rather just get on with it and leave the geek-speak to the geeks.)



Well, apart from the obvious (we sell stuff), our big thing is consultancy.  But consultancy doesn't mean to us what it might mean to some people - what we mean is this: we listen to you telling us what you want, and then we go away and figure out what you need.  Then we help you to understand how getting this stuff you need will give you what you want.  Quite simple, when you put it that way.

But of course we don't stop there.  Whether we're implementing a whole new strategy for you, or just selling you something from our web shop (did we mention we have a web shop?), we stand by the outcome and we support you - to make sure you get exactly what you were hoping for.

We also like fixing stuff.  No, we're not a hardware maintenance company - what we mean here is that we don't believe in ditching equipment automatically if it starts 'playing up' after a year or two.  In fact, we have customers using computer equipment they bought from us six years ago which we're still tweaking and fettling, updating and upgrading.



Our principals were installing local area networks before networks as you'd recognise them were even invented.  We installed the very first twisted-pair ethernet network in the UK - in the NatWest Tower in London - around 1989.  We've done 500-desk installs in places like Shell Billiton in The Hague, strung a few wires round musician's flats - and everything inbetween.  These days, the larger projects are better handled by the specialists - but we still do the odd install for smaller businesses and SoHo operators.  We've also worked with just about every kind of internet technology, from dial-up to satellite.  We offer Draytek networking products - we're a Draytek Advanced Voice Partner - and they have internet routers and switches for everybody from home users to larger SMEs, as well as some of the best small business VoIP solutions available. Most of our Draytek range can be ordered on-line (did we mention we have a web shop?).

We have a lot of experience working with people in the music business.  We have customers ranging from the BBC and Electronic Arts down to individual composers, and some of us are musicians ourselves.  One of us was selling Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools back in the days when people didn't believe it could replace tape.

With our background in music production and video editing, data backup has become a big part of our lives.  We're big fans of Retrospect in its many forms.   We're also familiar with the need to get large volumes of data on line with very fast and reliable access - and once again, we've been here for a long time.  (Pop quiz: who can tell us the etymology of the term 'SCSI' as applied to storage devices?)*

This might also be a good time to mention Parallels.  Sadly, there are still some applications which don't run on Macs because they require Windows.  Thanks to Parallels, we can run any version of WIndows natively on a Mac, and any Windows application - side by side with Mac applications.  Parallels doesn't just make a Mac run Windows.  Parallels turns an Apple Mac into the best PC you can buy.



*SCSI stands for 'Small Computer System Interface' and replaced 'SASI', which stood for Shugart Associates System Interface' - because the standard was developed by Shugart in 1979 for their own products (amongst other things, Shugart introduced the 5 1/4" floppy disk drive).  Alan Shugart's SASI interface went on to change the face of data storage but he'd left the company by then and started another - called Seagate...  One of our principals is old enough to have worked on designs that used SASI interfaces.  So that's pretty old.


Where to begin?  A glance through our shop (did we mention we have a web shop?) will give you an idea of the range of accessories we carry for Apple products (and one or two other brands).  These products are chosen because they're stylish, innovative, well-made - and because we like them.   

But what we have on our shop is the every-day stuff.  Depending on your needs we supply input devices such as Wacom tablets, output devices such as Epson and HP printers - and everything in between.  Everything but the Mac, actually.



Much of our portfolio can be purchased on-line - right here our web shop.  We accept the usual payment methods - credit and debit cards, Paypal, personal cheques (UK buyers only), electronic funds transfer and so forth.

If there's something you're after which you can't find in our shop, just drop us a line through our contacts form.

Click here to visit the CKA Limited Shop



You can reach us using our contact details shown at the bottom of this page - or fill the form at the 'contact us' link at the top of this page.  If you had any idea what it's like round here (and you never will) you'd understand that email is always the best way to reach us.